Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who do I like?

I went to talk to a book group the other night about Zuzu's Petals, and someone asked me who were my favourite authors. The first ones to spring to mind were - Garrison Keillor, Carol Shields and Anne Tyler. But there are loads of others. I've just read Rose Tremain's The Road Home and really enjoyed it, and before that I gollopped up When We Were Bad, by Charlotte Mendelson - now there's a book I wish I'd written.


  1. Anonymous10:48 pm

    The other thing I would like apart from a "like" button is a way of bookmarking your posts here on this website so I know where I have commented - in case you respond and if there is something I want to return to - like the names of the writers you mentioned in this post. Jen (almost time for bed)

  2. I have responded to a lot of your comments.
    A book mark wd be a good thing. there are a lot of things that wd make this blogging program better. But it is an inflexible and unwieldy and ill disciplined program, and I cannot change it. Sorry.