Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I left my head in San Francisco

I have been lying awake in bed (in the middle of my night) wondering why I can hear wind in the trees and rain lashing the windows when I am in sunny San Francisco.

Could it be because I am home in Derbyshire? My first night home – last night – I dreamed I was walking round the city with Wendy and Lux.

Even though my brain has not returned to blighty, and I am unable to think clearly through the jet lag, my body is here and I’m happy. When we lived in Sheffield it was usually a bummer getting home from holiday. Now we live here, I never mind. I love to go away and I love to come home. How lucky am I. And I am even luckier than usual, because Isaac says they’ll all be over here in 3 months. Yay!

On my last day there we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, and up country to the family’s favourite winery, Iron Horse Vineyard…

iron horse 2011

Lux drank water…

sept 2011 001

It was sunny and warm and wonderful.

The day I left, it rained. It always rains on the day I leave. You could book your holiday by it.

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