Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello, sunshine

I’m sitting in bed with the window wide open and warm fresh fragrant summer air is wafting in and reminding me what summer days can be like. It seems so long since I’ve felt such air early in the morning; it’s like seeing a dear old friend again. A sunny day is promised after a month of relentless rain.

Last night I was playing internet Scrabble with the aging hippie in Redwood City  and trying to explain to her what the weather has been like this summer, but it was tough going. I often carp on to her about heavy overcast skies and rain and lack of sunshine, so it was hard for her to appreciate just how bad it’s been here lately. Then she asked me when the best month is to come here to stay, and I said May, because even if the weather is bad, the vegetation is fabulous. I also said, “Any time between April and October can be lovely but it can also be awful. It’s not like San Francisco where the best time is always mid-September to mid-October.”  So, dear reader, when do you think is the best month to come to the UK for a holiday?


This is a good time to explain that when you post a comment on my blog, it won’t appear immediately. I am sent an email telling me there is a comment, and then I have to approve it – which I always do, unless it’s obscene  or it’s spam. But if I am not checking my email, then there can be a delay in the process.

A July photo taken by Isaac – Dave and me (in the distance) walking down a green lane, half a mile from where we live.



  1. Anonymous10:46 am

    I love San Francisco in the spring. The days are longer and everything is green. And in the summer because it is cool and foggy. We live in the midwest! What a treat to have a 'cool' break. The fall is lovely, too, but warmer and dryer. I think it may depend on where you live as to what might be your favorite season for visiting San Francisco.


  2. You're absolutely right, Peggy. I never thought of that. Over here, most people are desperate for sunshine and heat.

  3. But also, the thing about the climate in the UK is its complete unpredictability, whereas in SF and probably where you are, it's possible to know what kind of weather you are likely to get in any given month.

  4. Anonymous2:06 am

    In years past that was true. In the last few years, though, our summers have become increasingly longer, hotter and dryer. This year summer started before the end of May and hasn't missed a beat. Almost no rain and every day around 90 degrees. The weather man said this could go into November. The bright side may be that he also said it wouldn't go into July. So, he has been known to be wrong! :-)