Monday, September 03, 2012

This week’s instalment…

I’m getting excited! I’ve emailed Jane my latest chapter (only two more to go) of PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS, so she’ll have it when she comes from from her hols; and I’ve started making lists.

Aug 2012 120 

and if you think there’s camera shake on that, you’re right: I took it this morning before my first mug of Yorkshire tea.

I am going to see the west coast Hepworths on Thursday – yay! – and Dave is staying here and working on phase one of the back garden. (I told you we were going to get it in order now we’ve sorted the front garden.) He’ll also be indulging in various undomesticated behaviour, such as playing his electric guitar at 6 in the morning.

Aug 2012 098

Meanwhile, the cat is practising sleeping in places she’s not allowed, so she can do it all the time while Dave is busy and I’m away.

Aug 2012 085


  1. Enjoy your trip, lovely time of year to visit, especially with the added bonus of granddaughters!
    P.S. love the eclectic shopping list

  2. Ah, you spotted the sand and cement. Thanks for the good wishes, Jean. I'll have a margarita in the sunshine for you if you like...

  3. Oh yes will be January before I go over and the first thing will be a really good Mexican meal and a margarita or two........somehow they never taste the same in Bradford.......

  4. It will be a pleasure. My favourite place for margaritas (and Mexican food) is Velvet Cantina in the Mission. Oooh, can't wait.