Friday, November 28, 2014

A taste of February


This week we have had wall-to-wall mist, damp and gloom, and my bike rides on the Trail have become something I make myself do to keep healthy, rather than something I do because I can’t stop myself. It’s been like February, and you know how I feel about February. February is foul. It should be named and shamed and dropped from the calendar.

I’m back to where I was in the spring, when I was feeling glum and also feeling I couldn’t blog about it, when so many people are so much worse off than me – people with real problems – like the 425,000 children in Gaza that UNICEF says need immediate psychosocial support.

homeless gaza children

Or the thousands of people in Gaza who are homeless due to the war in the summer, and who are now coping with terrible flooding, which has caused the UNRWA to declare a state of emergency. The Disasters Emergency Committee began an appeal for Gaza after the war, and they are still raising funds. You can donate here.

So I’m not going to moan any more this morning. I’m going to sit and think about episode 1 of the screenplay, about how to replace a dodgy scene that doesn’t ring true. And later I’ll go out on my bike, and still later, Dave and I will walk down to Hassop Station, through the mist, along the damp Trail, through the mushy leaves. Crikey, I’m already feeling better. I hope you enjoy your day.


Tree photographs of local trees courtesy of Isaac (@isaach) taken in another November. The bottom one is the only oak I know in the village.


  1. The photograph of the oak is so atmospheric! Would love it on my wall...listen, i have started reading your: But I told you last year that I loved you...and I am reading it slowly slowly so it lasts. I am so so loving it! Thinking about the actor for sol..someone tall and as you say not Bill Nighy..Greg Wise might be too young looking. Kevin Whately?

  2. Hi Marmee, I am SO pleased you're enjoying the book.
    as for actors - I am not keen on Kevin Whately - he's a bit bland for me - but Greg Wise is worth considering. I'll check him out.

  3. p.s. Checked him out...I think Greg Wise would be better than Dominic West.Thanks, Marmee.