Monday, November 03, 2014


What do long dark evenings at home mean to you?

We don’t have a telly at Hepworth Towers. So we watch a short DVD (45 minutes?) then we play games.

The trouble is that whatever we play – Crokinole,


Scrabble or Go – Dave always wins. After the clocks changed last week, he ordered a dart board, and last night was the maiden flight of the darts. We played clock darts, and Dave won.

Of course. 

He got 20, while I was still struggling to hit 6. He doesn’t crow, he doesn’t gloat, he doesn’t boast. He is sweet and lovely. But it’s sooooooo discouraging to embark on a game with him and know he will always get a better score.

I’m going to design a new game that involves writing dialogue. Maybe then I’ll have a chance.

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