Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I’d rather be writing my blog

Have you seen those signs in the back windows of cars that say things like “I’d rather be driving my Porsche” or “I’d rather be riding my bike”?

At present I am wrestling with the proposal for my screenplay, now in its tenth edition. I’ve told you before that I like rewriting, and I do, as long as it’s the actual piece of work – the novel or the screenplay.

I am not enjoying rewriting this proposal. It’s too hard!

I’d rather be writing my blog. And I guess you would too.

I’ll be back when this is sorted. In the meantime, how would you describe But I told you last year that I loved you? - in terms of genre???? All I can think of is comedy drama.

And imagine it as a TV programme…what other TV programme is it like? I have no idea. Help me out here, friends.


  1. Anonymous6:15 am

    Can only think of the old favourites with Judi Dench - A Fine Romance, As Time Goes By..?

    Wikipedia terms them 'Romantic situation comedy.'

  2. You're a peach! Thank you.

  3. Last tango in Halifax. The plot reminds me of that genre. So....Drama?

  4. Thnaks, Roopa.
    In my latest edition I am plumping for Romantic Comedy Drama.
    This may change when my mentor sends feedback!

  5. Your two respondents have identified the genre perfectly and so very promptly!

  6. Yes, they did, didn't they. My readers are the best.