Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Young, old and elderly

I realised yesterday that although I spent a lot of time after Christmas reviewing my testing 2015, I didn't consider – as I usually do –  my aims for the coming year. It's odd. I wonder why I didn't. I have, and one of my aims is to spend more time with young people, children and toddlers.

I think their energy and positivity will help me combat the tendency to melancholy I've acquired in the last few years.

I never used to be like this. I used to be a bouncing bunny.

Do you think that the world is worse now than it's ever been? Or is it that older people (as a group) have always thought that the world is in a parlous state, and there is dwindling hope that things will ever get better? 

And talking of older people...

Last rainy day I was on the Trail on my bike, a load of women my age who were newbie cyclists (I could tell by their tentative pedalling) teetered past me in the opposite direction. Then I cycled past two male hikers, who looked older again, and they shouted out jovially "Is there a group of elderly women cyclists on the trail today?" to which I shouted, over my shoulder, equally jovially, "I wouldn't know. I'm not elderly." They laughed. Really, though. The cheek. I will admit to being older but I certainly won't admit to being elderly until I am 80. No. Maybe 90. 


  1. More time with children, couldn't agree more. My new granddaughter close by is such a tonic. She radiates warmth and joy.
    And an even newer grandson is unfortunately on the other side of the world but can lift my spirits through FaceTime moments now that I have had to fly home and away from him The freshness and wonder is such a gift.