Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Change of plan

There's been a change of plan. 

Dave is going to have an OFF Christmas here, and I am flying to Boulder to be with our family there. Things are tough for them right now, and I'm going over to try to help.  Amongst other things, this will involve driving on the wrong side of the road in snowy weather in an automatic car. Eeek. 

When things aren't quite so frantic remind me to tell you about the time I drove out of San Francisco on my own all the way to Yosemite and back ON MY OWN: one of my proudest achievements. I'll see you when I see you, or rather, you'll read me when you read me.

Happy Christmas!


  1. Great plan ! Go well and take care. See you on the other side

  2. Such a good idea for everyone! Sue. You will be the best Christmas gift to the US family. Do be safe, we know you will be most satisfyingly busy and bringing all your grandmotherlly blessings

  3. Anonymous8:14 am

    This sounds like a very good plan . I hope you all have a lovely family Christmas.x Ps Good luck with the driving!

  4. Sounds like a good idea for you as well as the US family. Being able to help in a practical way will be wonderful. Good luck with the driving!

  5. Thank you Ana and anonymous friend

  6. You are very astute, Lyn.x