Friday, January 27, 2017

That man

Every morning on waking I look at the iPad for messages or photos from my family, then emails from anyone else, and then I look at the news headlines. They depress me, all bad, one after the other, boom, boom, boom, boom. Then I go on Twitter to see what Isaac has been tweeting about, and this broadens out to look at tweets from other people I follow. 

I've found it uplifting to read about the Womens' Marches all over the globe, and entertaining to see the many placards. I'm making a collection of my favourites. Some of them are too rude to post on here, but here's one I can show you:

There is a lot of politics in my Twitter feed, and lately this has meant a lot of Trump. Some of it is news reports, some of it comment, a lot of it satire. Yesterday morning I realised something had to change. I was spending an hour first thing reading about Trump. Even though half of it was satire which made me laugh, I ended up at 7 a.m. queasy and depressed. Yes, the satire might be funny but the reality is not. Yesterday that sick feeling lasted most of the day, so I decided things had to change. I have time-limited Twitter and Trump in the mornings and I'm going to start my days differently.

Today I read a chapter of the current novel and after posting this I am going to work on my own. 

Meanwhile, the snowdrops in the garden are pushing through the dead leaves, 

and the snowdrops in the lea of the wall down the lane are already blooming. 

We need to protest and to stand up for what is right. Meanwhile...

"The sun rises in spite of everything."

Derek Mahon

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  1. I agree with you about limiting Trump news as it's all unbelievably scary & so depressing. I listen to a few US podcasts on politics & read news sites but I can't let it obsess me. As you say, there are so many other things happening in the world to focus on. I also loved the signs at the various marches & rallies. Some of them were incredibly clever.