Wednesday, January 04, 2017

living the wild life

We've had some fun times this week. Isaac took the girls and me for a walk round the nearest lake. It was just as beautiful as it looks in the photo. Those snow-topped mountains are the foothills of the Rockies 

photo by Isaac

photo by Isaac

The second half of the trip involved wearing wellies and playing in muddy icy puddles near the reservoir, where usually the kids collect shells. We managed to get them back to the car in fairly pristine condition. The children, that is.

Lux has developed a fondness for my lemon curd, so I was persuaded to make some with her and Cece (add it to the list of those activities that only grandchildren can persuade you to do - like going swimming in the local covered pool and shooting down the claustrophobic water slide, to boot) 

Lemon curd is actually pretty tedious to make, so the girls livened it up for me. Even so, the cooling and recooking part went on for so long they left me to finish the job, preferring a jaunt out with Isaac. C'est la vie. I can't say I blame them.

Yesterday, Wendy took us to a pottery painting studio. We all had the fabbest fun. Our pots will be ready next week after firing, when I am expecting to be back at home. They've promised to send me a photo.

Wendy is so much better than she has been, which is wonderful. It's so nice to have her lively presence around the house again. And a big treat for me was a simple thing like watching Project Runway with her - something we do most visits. 

She is well enough to drive now, which is freedom for her, and a relief to me, as school has started and it's been snowing for most of the day, with ten more inches expected tomorrow. Yikes. I hope I make it to the airport to catch my plane home.

The malls and the shops round here are huge and sparsely populated. I could even imagine myself learning to enjoy going shopping.  Wendy and I popped into a Nordstrom shop today, which is classy like John Lewis (though it did have piped music) and the shop floor was easily twice as big for the same amount of merchandise. There were vast and long empty spaces suitable for staging a scene in a musical.

The only other news is that a neighbour spotted a coyote in the backyard last night. 

Oh yes, I forgot to say that you know that Christmas greeting you see people make on American films - "Happy Holidays"? They actually do say that. "Happy Holidays" was flying around the school hall on the last day of term like nobody's business. Not a "Happy Christmas" in earshot. Interesting.

This is Boulder City Hall

photo by Isaac


  1. Anonymous9:09 pm

    I love making lemon curd - beating egg, sugar, butter and lemon juice and zest over a low heat - I have never heard of cooling and re-heating - why ? what does that achieve? Jenetta

  2. Hi Jenetta
    In my recipe you heat the butter, sugar, lemon zest and juice and then you have to cool it before you pour it onto the eggs, then strain it back into the pan, and carry on cooking. I only make lemon curd because I love to eat the stuff (not because I like making it) and I have never found a bought one that tastes as good as homemade. M & S Sicilian lemon curd comes closest, but even in that the preservatives make it less than perfect. I could actually write a whole post on this but I won't!