Sunday, April 22, 2018


Yesterday we went to town and the girls wanted ice lollies from Le Pops, a gourmet ice lolly shop. Yep. This is Boulder. 

Cece was trying to persuade me to have one too: 'Go on, Sue. It tastes as if fairies are dancing in your mouth and having a party.'

So I did, and as I ate my salted caramel lolly dipped in melted chocolate and covered in sprinkles, I wished I had Cece's powers of description.

I need to add that the photo of the sign above is one from my archives. The trees are not yet out in Boulder. I wouldn't want you to be getting the wrong impression.


  1. I'm intrigued that your granddaughters call you by your name. My children do so on occasion but I love the grandmotherly honorific.

  2. I think it springs from the fact that my kids always called me “Sue”. Though my daughter at one time as a young adult changed to “Mum.”
    I adore being a Gran - more than being most other things - but “Sue” just feels right.