Tuesday, December 04, 2018


Postscript to the last two blog posts:

I need to emphasise that in case you were thinking otherwise, I am no saint: there has been mutual aggravation in this relationship. We are both still here, so I assume Dave thinks it's worth it, just as I do.


  1. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Hi Sue, Love you for your honesty - that's why we follow you


  2. Bless you, Jenetta.xx

  3. Anonymous5:30 pm

    Hi Sue, just found your blog and Dave's pieces. Velly interesting!
    It's a long shot but does West Linton mean anything to you? I'll explain one of these days..................

  4. I think you’ll have to give me another clue...

  5. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Ah, in which case probably not the same Dave Hepworth that flew microlight aircraft in southern scotland in the 90's. However, regardless of that, hello from yet another Aspie's spouse who eventually worked it out after over 30 years.......... It's amazing how predictable things were/are in retrospect!! ............................

  6. No, it wasn’t him, though he thinks the micro lights sound fun.
    People argued about my novel saying it was not possible to be married to someone for 30 years and not know they had Asperger syndrome, but you and I know different. (and I was a psychologist...)

  7. Anonymous8:29 am

    Sounds like I need to order your book!
    The last three/four years have been quite a revelation in all sorts of directions with many missing pieces of the jigsaw being found in the most unlikely places. "It's a long and winding chemin......". (I, or rather we, :) now live in France)

    Bon courage with all your projects!

  8. Thank you. Sometimes one needs bon courage to deal with Aspie fallout.