Friday, March 13, 2020


I arrived home after my 18 hour journey feeling uncharacteristically perky, when usually I'm wrecked. Do you want to know why?  Isaac drove me to the airport and came to the check-in desk with me and paid to upgrade me to business class for my overnight flight back to Blighty. Oh wow! I was so excited and grateful that I even told the security woman checking my passport that my son had upgraded my seat. And then going into the BA lounge in Denver I blabbed to the receptionist there. Not cool, Sue. 

It's because I have only travelled economy class before. 

I had one of those super-duper roomy seats at the front of the plane - you know, the ones set in pairs, back-facing and front-facing, with fluffy white pillows and soft grey duvets, the ones where the passengers are offered champagne as soon as they sit down. 

On all of my previous flights I've walked past those seats and looked at them longingly. was heavenly: so spacious and comfortable I could actually sleep, which I have rarely managed before. The food was delicious, served on china, with metal cutlery and even a tray cloth; and the service was so attentive I felt like a celebrity, and also an impostor (hence the blabbing.)

I am not practical, and had to ask how the seat worked, so they would know it wasn't my usual class of travel. I think if it happens again, I'll need to change my travel outfit to something smarter, and upgrade my hand luggage, which consisted yesterday of a black canvas rucksack I bought from the cobbler in Bakewell for a fiver.  See what I mean? Eek.

I arrived in Heathrow feeling human, not wasted as per usual, and eager to visit the BA lounge to see what it had to offer, while I waited three hours for my flight to Manchester. Oh boy. Even if I don't travel posh next time, I'll be tempted to pay to go in the lounge. Normally I wander around terminal 5 desperately seeking somewhere quiet and empty to retreat to, because I find the noise of air travel so wearing. The lounge was peaceful, calm, light and spacious, with extensive open views, tasty breakfasts, and it was an easy place to avoid close contact with fellow travellers who might be carrying Covid-19. It's amazing how many hard surfaces you have to touch to move through an airport, (and you can't be getting out your wipes every time.)

Thank you, Isaac. It was my best journey home, and it mitigated the sadness at leaving a week early, although let's face it, leaving at any time is painful.

Here are the people I left behind - my lovely American Hepworths:

Ill in bed

At the school bus stop


  1. Welcome home Sue. Your trip sounded perfect albeit too short, lovely memorable treat for journey home. At least Spring is on it's way in Derbyshire now, not sure there's much other positive news... ⛅

  2. Thank you, Sally. Yes, it was a super visit, even though it was short. I packed a lot in.
    And my tete a tetes are out so I’ve moved them to the front door step. That’s always so cheering.

  3. Oh I soooo understand and concur! Once coming home home from Nigeria via London my husband surprised me with upgraded tickets from Heathrow and the lounge alone was worth it! And yes the joy of actual cutlery! Glad you are home safe and sound

  4. Anita8:52 pm

    What a wonderful surprise for you. I too have never flown business class - it sounds amazing. Welcome back.

  5. Thank you, Anita and Marmee. ❤️

  6. Anonymous1:23 pm

    How lovely. Well done Isaac. You have sold it to me - fly business class added to my bucket list! How sad though to have to leave a week early - hope Dave is well stocked up with yoghurt? Love to all Jenetta

  7. You should definitely add it to your bucket list, Jenetta.
    The yoghurt is going to be a problem, I fear, though Dave is so adamant about maintaining social isolation that he says he will eat whatever is in the house.