Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Technology, eh?

I have had problems formatting my header but Isaac is working on a solution for me. What would I do without him?

Technology, eh?

Yesterday, Liz and I were supposed to be going for a long walk but it was raining and chilly, and we opted instead to walk down the Trail for a mile and go to Hassop Station - where I have not been in 15 months. They now have a giant marquee outside. Here I am underneath it

attempting to order two coffees and two scones on my phone, as instructed by signs stuck up around the place. It's a good job there isn't a sound track to this photo as the payment app/gizmo that they are using wants to know your phone number, date of birth (!) etc, etc, and I was getting crosser and crosser, expecting the next question to be about the colour of my knickers. Finally I got to a yellow 'button' saying SAVE CARD, with a tick box above it asking you to tick if you wanted them to save your card for future transactions. Basically, the two options were the same. As I didn't want them to save my card, and I was so annoyed I was thinking of going home and making the scones myself, I stopped. 

Fortunately a waitress (am I allowed to say that now?) passed by and I asked her if there was any other way of getting an order, and she said "Oh yes, you can just go to the kiosk."

Thank God.

Liz and I stayed, and talked and talked, as if we haven't seen each other for six weeks. Then we walked back.

Photo by Liz

The grasses weighed down by the rain looked lovely:

Photo by Liz

So lovely I took a close up...

And as one or two of you have commented on loving to see the stiles round here, my brother Pete sent me this photo he once took of me tackling a stile in Wensleydale, that still remains though the fence has been removed.

And now, after an hour spent wrestling with Blogger I am going to get dressed and do something more fulfilling: paint.


  1. Hi Sue,

    I love the close up photo of grass weighed down by rain.

    Also, are there any online art classes you could recommend?

    Shafia x

    ps. I grew sweet peas on my balcony this year and they've started to flower - I was inspired by the many photos you've posted over the years of the sweet peas in your garden.

  2. Hi Shafia - lovely to hear from you. I’m glad you like the rainy close up.
    And I do hope your sweet peas are a wow and fragrant and you’re not disappointed,

    I am very tired right now so will answer your art lesson question tomorrow in the comments section.I hope that’s ok.

  3. For Shafia - art classes online...

    My brother and I have just done a free online course with a Yorkshire artist called Louise Fletcher. She only does a free course once a year, unfortunately. But she runs other courses you pay for. She also makes other learning resources available free online - via Youtube for example. Pete and I think she is a brilliant teacher - encouraging, inspirational and above everything else - confidence-building. I recommend you find her website and get in touch with her - ask her about Art Tribe.
    The only other experience I have is a dozen private zoom lessons with a local artist that I arranged myself. She taught me the basics of using acrylics.
    Good luck, Shafia! I hope you find a course that suits your needs. btw Louise Fletcher is an abstract landscape painter but she teaches people doing all kinds of painting. (I am not doing abstract landscapes.)

  4. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for all the art info, much appreciated. I will have a look at Louise Fletcher's website etc and see how I go. The sweet peas are beautiful to look at, and they may be sweet smelling too but having to compete with Chalk Farm traffic fumes! Shafia xx

  5. Did you know, Shafia, that you need to keep picking your sweet peas? They keep flowering as long as you pick them.
    My early ones don't have a strong fragrance this year. I'm hoping the later ones will.

  6. I didn't know that, what a great tip! I'm going to pick the few that have flowered right now.

  7. I love this pic of you at the station. It looks the the PollyAnna Sue I know and love. LRH

  8. That's sweet, LRH. xxx

    Shafia - my brother Pete says an artist called Ian Roberts has some great videos on Youtube. xx

  9. Hi Sue, please thank your brother for me, I started browsing YouTube for inspiring content the other day. I have picked the sweet peas and put them in a small vase and they do smell so lovely.
    Shafia xx