Thursday, October 14, 2021

The underpants conundrum and other trivia

I am still not well, but while I've been lounging around feeling useless I've been wondering about several things, some of which stem from the too-much-television I've been watching.

Firstly, what's happened to Grace and Frankie? The latest four episodes released are absolutely dire. They're not funny, they're crass. Do they have different scriptwriters? After six great series is the show going to crash and burn on the last?

And what has happened to Jane Fonda? She's always looked unnaturally 'lovely' for her age and I've grown used to it, and as her on-screen character has developed into a softer person, her appearance has not mattered so much. But in these latest episodes her wrinkle-less face is looking grotesque, and more like a doll-like mask. Has anyone else noticed that?

Secondly, against my socialist principles I have been working my way through Downton Abbey and loving it. It's really just a high-class soap, isn't it? But can someone tell me why Lady Mary talks in that peculiar way? I don't mean the poshness I mean the cadence of her speech. It is so unnatural, it makes her character seem even colder than her behaviour already suggests. What a nasty piece of work she is. Her kindness to Anna is her only saving grace. How could Matthew be so besotted with her?

Thirdly, I've had a revelation about wrinkles. In September I saw Mel, my sax teacher and friend, after 18 months of online-only contact. Mel is 20 years younger than me. She said 'Well, you haven't changed,' and I said 'Except for more wrinkles.'

And without hesitation she said 'When I look at you I don't see the wrinkles.'

And I realised she wasn't being tactful, she was telling the truth. Because after the initial meeting, when you're talking to someone you don't look at their wrinkles. You look at their eyes and their mouth. It made me feel a whole lot better, because now my jowls have sunk, for the first time ever I have been thinking that if my puritan scruples would let me - in other words if I was a  different person - I might think about having a facelift. But I am me and I won't.

Photo by Isaac: Me in 2015

Photo by Wendy: me in March 2020

Dave is still puzzling over an article he read in the weekend paper about a woman journalist (of 46) who had plastic surgery on just about every part of her body and is now pleased with her appearance. She got all of it free because she's a journalist, but a lot of it will have to be repeated and she will have to pay for that. What he just said was 'We don't need a cult of youth, we need a cult of wisdom.' Rock on, Dave.

On the other hand, his underpants problem has re-emerged and he goes to the chest of drawers in the morning bewailing the demise of his current set of pants, and the impossiblility of finding others that would be up to the mark.

In case you are new to the blog, I quote from an earlier blog post, and book -

“So what do you think the perfect underpant needs?” I said.

“Security, material that shrugs off stains, adequate ventilation – possibly assisted – and a reliable fastening. It’s about time persons of quality gave their attention to the comfort and protection of the nation’s manhood. Paxman tried a few years ago – do you remember all that kerfuffle on the Today programme? Nothing happened. Next thing you know, Prince Charles will be muscling in with the Poundbury Pant and the Prince’s Truss.” 

Today he described himself as the Don Quixote of the underpant Grail.

Then he said: 'Do you think Paxman was bought off?'

OK. I've written the blog, and now the question is - do I feel strong enough to  get showered and dressed? or shall I go back to bed?


  1. Lovely photos Sue. Sorry you've been unwell, hope you're feeling 100% soon. It's such a beautiful morning, really lifts the spirits, I'm going to get out & enjoy it while it lasts, the chores can wait! 🙂🌤️🍂

  2. Dave should try Mack Weldon undies:

  3. Thank you Sally. Yes October sunshine on golden leaves is so lovely.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Ise. xxxx

  4. well yes , I also noticed the jane fonda zombification! Some weeks ago I watched an old movie ( this is where I leave you) that was pre Grace and Frankie and it made this latest incarnation all the scarier. And yes, I too was horrified at the scripts! Oh we have our own underpants issues chez nous , and that is all I plan to say about that!!

  5. Hi Marmee, that’s reassuring you feel the same way about the scripts. It’s not just me. Also the Jane Fonda look. Well if G and F has gone off the rails, at least Atypical managed to stay on them till the very last episode. 😊