Wednesday, November 12, 2014


This morning I was coming to with my first mug of Yorkshire tea, while Dave was in the bath listening to the news on the radio. Except that it sounded as if there was a playground full of schoolchildren in there as well.

He said (when I asked) that it was a report from a refugee camp in the Lebanon. They were interviewing a teacher, who said that the rebels in Syria like to shell schools. It happens often.

It feels odd that I can sit here in my warm safe study writing, while:

  • children in refugee camps are being shelled and killed
  • children in schools in Nigeria are being bombed and killed
  • families in Gaza are approaching the winter with nowhere warm and safe to live, because the Israelis bombed their homes in the summer
  • female students in occupied Palestine are being harassed by armed settlers as they go home from school
  • children in Sierra Leone are being orphaned, or are dying themselves because of Ebola

and so on, and so forth.

It’s a sad world.

How can we help?

children in refugee camp

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