Friday, November 14, 2014

The semiotics of tables

When I finish a piece of writing, I always tidy my desk.

work finished

I’ve been working on my screenplay since I got back from Boulder in September. That’s seven weeks that my desk has looked like a paper recycling depot. Yesterday I finished the first draft. Woo-hoo! Don’t tell Dave, but when I was clearing my in-tray, and the heaps that were so heapy they wouldn’t even fit in an in-tray, I found a tax rebate I’d forgotten to bank. Oops.

Now the first draft is done, I have to sit on my hands and let it settle before I go back and read it with a fresh eye, and pick out the glitches. There is currently just one thing that’s troubling me…what the minor characters get up to in the first episode. But more of this at another time.

One of the results of working so hard at my desk for so long is that I now wake up with back-ache. So I have given up having breakfast in bed, and sit in the kitchen. The mornings have been so gloomy this week, I got out the candles. And this morning Dave was playing Anji on his guitar while I ate my home-made oatcakes and home-made lemon curd.


Yes. I do like my life.

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