Monday, August 13, 2007

Blogging award!

Someone - Diane Shipley, a freelance journalist and reviewer and co-editor of the popular website Trashionista - has given me a blogging award. Gosh, I'm honoured. Really honoured. Not only has she posted a comment on my blog (see below) - she's given me an award as well. Perhaps she's the only reader of my blog...

I am supposed to continue the schmoozing by giving my own blog awards. The problem is..I don't read many blogs. I like my elder son's, as he has some excellent photographs on it, but I can't give him an award as he doesn't update it often enough.

The only blog I read every day and find interesting is the Snowblog ( my publisher's blog.) The Snowblog covers lots of topics - publishing, politics, what's happening in the Snowbooks office, what the Snowbooks team are doing, thinking, feeling. Sometimes it's even inspiring. I commend it to you, and I give it my only blogging award.

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Anonymous said...

aw, thanks, sue!x