Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I miss Sally and Gus

It's such a shame that Sally is no longer here. There is so much in my daily life I'd like to hear her comments on.

For example...I had a mastectomy some time ago, and this week my breast prosthesis started leaking (yikh!) so I had to zip into the hospital and order a new one. This time they're giving me a super dooper self adhesive one. Brilliant! No more embarrassment as I lean over in the supermarket and the falsie slips out of my bra. No more annoyance when I'm weeding and the falsie goes plop in the flowerbed. No more pink squishiness sidling out of my bra when I am mother-of-the-groom in a low cut affair.

But Sally isn't here to add her two penn'orth (sp?) and neither is Gus to offer a description of the new prosthesis...that the bumps on the back of it and the colour and consistency make it look like an invertebrate that someone's dredged up from the seabed. If you're not fainthearted, see here.

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Wendy said...

I miss Sally and Gus too. It's like we've had a row and aren't speaking anymore. Farewell Sally and Gus, until we speak again.