Monday, December 24, 2007

Ten things

Ten things to be thankful for (in no particular order):

1/ I adore the cover for my new book Zuzu's Petals which my editor, Anna, has designed; but I can't show you it until it's absolutely decided.

2/ I've finally decided on the next book I'm going to write (gosh, it was painful) - a sequel to Plotting for Beginners.

3/ Our log burning stove.

4/ A warm bed.

5/ My two grandchildren - I have someone to read pre-school stories to, and someone who's excited about Christmas.

6/ My Christmas present to myself: More Bad Housekeeping by Sue Limb. I have recently discovered her fictional anti-heroine Dulcie Domum. I bought Bad Housekeeping in November and devoured it over a weekend, and tomorrow I shall gobble up the sequel.

7/ My family.

8/ My new breast prosthesis (falsie en famille) because it's self-adhesive and perky. It's perkier than my remaining breast - maybe I'll have that removed and then I can have two perky breasts (only joking.)

9/ The Christmas tree mobile my husband made me this morning.

10/ My friends.

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