Monday, April 07, 2008

Pictures from Zuzu's Petals

Quaker Meeting House, Bainbridge
Zuzu's Petals is set in Sheffield and Wensleydale, and I am trying to collect photographs of places that are mentioned in the book so I can show you on my website - just as I did for Plotting for Beginners. Here's a start - pictures from Wensleydale - all of them are places mentioned in ZP. (Click on a pic to enlarge it.) Don't you like the Jacob sheep in front of the Meeting House?

A distant view of Bolton Castle
Bainbridge village green
The Fox and Hounds in West Burton Lady Hill Lambs on a footpath to Aysgarth Falls


Anonymous said...

Zuzu's petals now ordered from Amazon (along with another copy of "But I told you.." and "Plottings" so I can have free postage and presents in to give to friends ) Jen

Sue Hepworth said...

That's wonderful.
I will sort out these missing photographs as soon as I can.