Thursday, December 11, 2008

October 9th 1907

Did you think people starting Christmas early was a new invention? Think again. My grandfather wrote to his fiancee on October 9th 1907:

"My pet abomination – Christmas Carollers – in the person of three or four little boys have just “struck up” outside making it impossible to write further tonight. they always start here at this time of the Year ( I don’t object so much to them nearer the season) and you can hear them from door to door all along the street. They absolutely get on my nerves and lest I should show I’m cross I will fold my writing paper and say – Goodnight. A stiff walk to the G.P.O. will soon put me in a good humour with myself and all the world such as should be the natural thing always but isn’t."

I am loving his letters, and woke up this morning with a great idea as to how to use them, as well as a great line of dialogue for the new book. That line has given me the key to a scene I've been stuck with - i.e. how should I start it? and how does it carry on? (Yes, pretty stuck.)

Here's another quote from one of his letters:

"Yes I am quite interested in The Soul Market though I was told by the girl at the library that I should not read it. I have nearly finished it now. I am not quite sure that Miss Malvary did not want to gain the same notoriety as Upton Sinclair with his Jungle."

I looked up The Soul Market on Google and lo and behold I could read the book on screen, turning the pages and seeing the text, just as my grandfather would have done. He would have been amazed. I am amazed!

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