Saturday, December 06, 2008

Please help the children of Gaza

One of the generators in a major Gazan hospital has broken down and although aid agencies have prepared equipment to to fix it, the Israeli authorities will not let it past the blockade.

The situation in Gaza - right now - is unspeakably awful. Supplies of food and power are blocked. One child told an aid worker this week "I wish I could die soon." Read the reports here.

The border crossings into the Gaza Strip have now been sealed by Israel for 28 consecutive days. This closure of Gaza is inflicting severe collective punishment on the entire civilian population, and it's in total violation of international humanitarian and human rights law. Does anyone care?

The charity - Medical Aid for Palestinians - is working with another charity to give long-term support to malnourished children. See here.

Medical Aid for Palestinians also provides psychological and social support to children who have been traumatised by the continuing violence. See here. They provide all kinds of help to Palestinians under duress. Please support them.

And please lobby our government to bring pressure to bear on Israel to abide by international law, and as a first step, end the cruel siege of Gaza.

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