Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In the thick of it

I haven't posted here for several days, because I have been so engrossed in the last few chapters of my novel - the one I'm writing. I haven't been able to think about much else. Last night I was so involved in the story, that I got upset with Dave over something he didn't do and then I realised that I was acting as if he had done what the guy in the novel had done.

When I explained, he said - "Ah, just like the spaghetti hoops incident," which was when I bought spaghetti hoops for him, even though he doesn't like them, because I was confusing him with Gus in Plotting for Beginners. It's tough being married to a loopy writer.

Today I have to start to write the final chapter. I know where it starts and where it ends, but I am not sure exactly how I am going to get from A to B.

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