Saturday, August 08, 2009

Child’s Play

My daughter is now home from her hols but she’s ill. That’s what happens when you take a 3 year old and a 5 year old away for a camping holiday: exhaustion. The 5 year old said his favourite thing about the holiday was the U-Bahn, and the younger one said his favourite was the S-Bahn. But what did they like best about the German campsite? Easy – it was the first night, when they went to the cafe and had chips with tomato ketchup.
aug 09 039
I went to play with them yesterday morning so Zoe could go back to bed. I had an EXCELLENT time. We had dinosaur races, played policemen, cafes, and railways. My favourite thing about the morning was the mucky-gucky machine.
When I got home, Dave – who was suffering from housemaid’s knee after working on the floor all morning (see the last post) -  said I looked bushwhacked.
“I am,” I said. “I’ve been playing for four hours solid. I need to put my feet up and watch Chuggington.”

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