Monday, August 24, 2009

The longest running DIY project ever

Here it is – the finished bathroom floor…

aug 09 084

And here is the man who did it…

aug 09 097

Dave and I have been together since the beginning of time, and he’s been doing DIY since well before then. The first project he did for us, was to put up an electric Creda heater in our first kitchen, because we had no hot water, no bathroom, and no inside loo. The second job was to put up a light in the outside loo, so we didn’t need a torch for midnight visits.

The current bathroom knock-through/renovation has been going on since February, which is longer than it took to build our extension. There are various reasons for this – work demands and family demands and waiting for the plumber being three of them. Another is that we both loathe shopping. As Dave does the DIY, I feel I should do the shopping. But almost everything in the bathroom needs a practical eye as well as an aesthetic one. And I am a child in the material world. So the bathroom is still not finished. The towel rails I bought last week must all go back to John Lewis. The colour on the walls is wrong – it was a big mistake even before we decided on the colours for the mosaic. And I haven’t even mentioned the tiles round the bath which were a joint mistake, which we’ve now decided must be replaced. We have never made so many mistakes before. It’s been one of those years. (If Wendy from Plotting for Beginners were here, she would say it’s because I’ve had Neptune transiting my IC, but what does Wendy know?)

In the meantime, Dave has unearthed an ancient treasure from the shed and put it on the bathroom wall…

aug 09 121

Tune in tomorrow to see what it is.

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