Monday, August 03, 2009

Make hay

aug 07 048

Hooray, it’s not raining today! Last week, the streets of Bakewell were filled with disconsolate holidaymakers in sodden cagoules. Oh, those poor families who were camping…I saw them trogging along the streets, dripping wet, and wanted to scoop them up and bring them home and let the children play with the stuff in the toy cupboard, while the parents put their feet up in the sitting room.

It’s hard enough when you’re not camping to keep cheerful with incessant rain. I am sitting here with a mug of Earl Grey tea, clearing out my in-tray and trying to drum up the enthusiasm to make a start on the household accounts (which is why I am blogging instead.) Meanwhile, Dave is upstairs ogling new bikes on t’internet. We need to go out NOW for our walk. The rain will be back this afternoon, and that’s when I should do the accounts and Dave should tile the bathroom floor. Make hay while the sky is grey but there’s nothing actually falling from it. Ah…an English summer.

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