Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Soft tops

Take a look at the last post to see my sister Jen and me, 50 years ago. Now look at us in Wensleydale at the weekend.

Wensleydale Aug 2009 075

This is a rare sighting because

  1. the last time I rode in a convertible, I was 17
  2. Jen and I live 200 miles apart so it’s not often anyone takes a picture of the two of us together
  3. Jen hates having her picture taken anyway (which Wendy from Plotting for Beginners would say is because she has the sun in Scorpio and the moon in Pisces, but what does Wendy know?)

I emailed the photo to my son and daughter-in-law in the US and they responded thus…

Daughter-in-law: Look at you two babes! Hot mamas on the road, watch out!

Son: Lovely picture. You look a lot like gran!

I think it’s clear why i like my daughter-in-law so much.

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