Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cliche plotting

One day in July we were standing on Chesterfield station, waiting for a Virgin train to whisk our family away, when a woman with long blonde hair walked up to Dave, and said “Mr Hepworth?”

It turned out to be Mel, a girl from his class, 20-something years ago. At the age of 10, she’d been a talented musician, and now here she was - a talented musician, and a fully-fledged talented music teacher.

And now she is my music teacher. (It’s like a cliched bit of plotting in a novel.) She’s teaching me to play the saxophone. I had my first lesson last night and loved it. I don’t have any burning ambition as I do with my writing. All I want, is to be able to play Misty. (Click on Misty to hear it.)

And this is the first step – me playing ChowMein Cha-Cha after half an hour’s lesson. I said Mel was talented, didn’t I?

sue on sax

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