Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Happy Return

sue as statue 1

I had a wild time in New York, but it was sooooh lovely after too many hours in transit to drive out of Manchester in sunshine under a blue sky, and over the hills with the autumn colours and the views of green, green Derbyshire, and arrive back home to my sunny, quiet house and to find my desk snowed under with birthday cards and presents and a giant orchid that Dave had “…gone out and spent money on!”  (his words.)

Also in the garden was a present from my daughter Zoe and son-in-law Brian – a slackline - with securing posts from Dave (which took him a whole day to make safe and firm.) What is a slackline ? Imagine Man on Wire but with a bouncy polypropelene tape, rather than a tight rope.

And here I am on my birthday trip.

New York Oct 09 139

Eventually I shall be able to do it without the aid of the yard brush, though I don’t aspire to these heights.

(Me as the Statue of Liberty above was the card that came with the slackline – thank you, Brian.)

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