Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Laughing in my sleep

One of my lovely brothers rang the other day, worried, after reading my post The Unvarnished Author. But since I wrote it, and Shafia – a reader I don’t know and have never met – wrote such a sympathetic comment, things have felt easier. It’s been so hard keeping up a public pretence of feeling OK. I hate pretending, and now I don’t feel I have to.

Dave said that I was laughing a lot in my sleep last night. I just wish I could remember what was so funny.

If you want a good laugh, look at the ad below. Click on the link and scroll down to the one called "My First TV AD" and watch it, and then click on "Specials," and watch the one called simply "Bloops." I love those crazy meerkats.

My Tv Ads | Compare the Meerkat Shared via AddThis

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