Friday, November 06, 2009

Dark and light and funny: my life

Oct06 018

Sometimes I lie in bed in the morning and wonder which part of my life to tell you about.

Do I tell you about waking up in the morning and thinking about the day ahead, and that when I remember my saxophone, a big smile spreads across my face?

Or do I tell you about this morning? … when I woke up from a bad dream and sensed Dave was awake and I asked him what the time was and he said “About half past four,” and then the clock struck once and he said “No, twenty to five.”

Or do I tell you about my lovely, cheerful, laid-back big sister coming to see me yesterday for lunch and a walk in Lathkildale, and how she brought me a surprising and beautiful birthday present - a Rowan tree that has red leaves in the autumn and yellow berries, and how when she left to go home I felt bereft, and how for the rest of the day I felt sad about our mother dying?

Or about how when Dave came home in the evening, he brought me a present from my sister-in-law – a gorgeous, turquoise top that fits me as if it was made to measure?


Sabby said...

What a roller-coaster of emotions! I'm glad it ended with a high (turquoise top). Happy birthday, fellow Scorpio, I had my birthday last Monday and I had a similar roller-coaster day, woke up depressed to turn 30 and not acheived certain things, happy having a facial, annoyed when my boyfriend turned up 40mins late with no phone-call, ecstastic once I realised how much effort he'd put into the day and then a bit teary when I realised last year my mum had been in hospital after having a heart attack and is no longer as robust...You're not alone!! I say try and enjoy the ride :-)

Sue Hepworth said...

Happy belated birthday, Shafia!
I do have a Scorpio ascendant but actually I'm a Libran. The tree from my sister was belated for logistical reasons, and the present from my sister-in-law wasn't a birthday one - it was a coming-back-from-a-trip present (she is a very generous person.)

radish said...

I have not been here for a while. What a nice way you have remembered your Mother. Mine has been gone since 1980, but I have just been through a period of her in my dreams. I am sure that yesterday was a hard day.

Anonymous said...

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Sue Hepworth said...

I don't know what you mean by trading featured posts. Can you explain?