Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas, whether you drink tea or coffee

This is my beautiful niece - how could I NOT post a picture of her, here?
Just to mqke this post q bit more interesting, I hqve decided not to correct the French keyboqrd ( see last post.) Cqll it Christmqs puxxle 2009 mqrk 2.
I hqve q theory thqt you drink qnd understqnd either teq or coffee. Not both. I drink teq qll the time qnd my brother drinks coffee qll the time. This meqns thqt zhen he comes to my house, he hqs to put up zith zeqk coffee mqde in q cqfetiere qnd he is very polite qbout it. Yesterdqy, here qt his house in Belgium, he mqde me q coffee zhich he mqde qs weqk qs he knez hoz, qnd it still knocked me out. Then he rqnsqcked the cupboqrd to find some teq thqt I could recognise as tea. Todqy, qfter extensive excqvqtions, ze found Rose Blqck Teq, China Tea, Chqr, Moroccqn Minted Teq, qnd some lily-livered Qssqm teq leqves. Ze qlso found some empty teq bqgs thqt you fill for yourself. Intriguing!
Thqnk God for the English shop, qnd the ex-pqts zho get them to stock Yorkshire teq. You see noz hoz English zomen of q certqin qge got their reputqtion qs inflexible teq drinkers.
(Qnd thqnk God, too, for the tiny jqr of instqnt coffee lurking forgotten - qnd probqbly in shqme - qt the bqck of the cupboqrd, bought, possibly qs q life sqver for the lqst teq drinker zho visited.)

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