Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What does one say?

xmas card

This time last year I wrote on the blog that I didn’t feel like writing news on my Christmas cards, because it was only a month since my mother died.

Now I am wondering – again – what to write on my cards. Do I say that in January I was outraged and upset on a daily basis by the brutal bombing of Gaza, that in the the spring I was almost unhinged with grief for Ma, that I had a difficult summer, and that in the autumn I was overwhelmed by my first ever encounter with existential angst ?

Or do I talk about the exploits of my funny and supportive husband, my loving children and my adorable grandchildren, my birthday trip to NYC, my absorbing new activities - playing the saxophone and slacklining – and mention the book I am tweaking (But I told you last year that I loved you) that everyone thinks is better than Plotting for Beginners and Zuzu’s Petals ?

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