Friday, January 15, 2010

Sensory deprivation

I’ve been living like a hermit (with Dave) for what seems like three months (but when I count it up it’s only two and a half weeks – what?) and not been anywhere but the village shop, the village dairy, the Bakewell Co-op and Quaker Meeting (OK, not like a hermit, but I have felt like a hermit) so when I got on a train yesterday alongside people I didn’t know (except for - by chance - my whodunnit writer friend, similarly starved of excitement, but who always has interesting things to say, such as “Did you know that Amazon sells a bullet-proof memory stick?” ) and then I got off the train 15 minutes later in Sheffield and saw hundreds of people I didn’t know all walking about unimpeded on snow-free streets – well, it was sensationally stimulating. WOW!
And I am sitting here in bare feet typing this because it isn’t cold anymore, and outside the window it’s raining and thawing, which has cheered me up as much as going to the pictures yesterday to see Meryl Streep’s new film, It's Complicated, which was good fun, if flawed, not least because neither of the male leads was anything to write home about. I mean – Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin as romantic leads? Come on…why didn’t they have someone yummy like Gabriel Byrne…

or George Clooney ? (or even that chap who played the father in the remake of The Parent Trap?….)
Yes, you’re right. Yesterday’s excitement has gone to my head and affected the style of this post. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

I am definitely a Meryl Streep fan in that I usually, but not always, go to see her movies. My favorite two are Out of Africa and I enjoyed Julie and Julia also just recently. I did not care for It's Complicated and I am surprised that Meryl Streep chose to make it...just my opinion. My husband took me to see it because he knew I was curious. The same night we saw the Sherlock Holmes movie. Now THAT movie was interesting and I look forward to a sequel. Here in Pennsylvania we have snow-free streets too, but not for long I'm sure. On a positive note, the days are getting longer...I am plotting it on paper just to reassure myself that Spring will come.

Sue Hepworth said...

Out of Africa is one of my all time favourite films, but I haven't yet seen Julie and Julia or the Sherlock Holmes one. They're on my list, though.
Why do you suppose the Meryl Streep character did so much silly laughing in It's Complicated?

Anonymous said...

The silly laughing? The adults were acting adolescent...teenager-y, right down to the pot smoking incident. Not too attractive. Just my opinion.