Friday, February 19, 2010

The bloody weather

Jan 10 099

I hope the winter ends soon, if only because Dave can’t get out on his bike in the snow, which means that when his interesting indoor activities pale, he has taken to feverishly washing clothes. He thinks that if there is something in the laundry basket, it has to be washed ASAP, that if the laundry basket is approaching a quarter full, the world will end.

I think that one should build up a decent load and then stick it in the washer. He cleared all the washing yesterday and has just ironed it all – thank you, Dave! – but now there are two pairs of pants in the basket and two pairs of socks and I just heard him lift the basket lid and dither – to wash or not to wash. I am going to start hiding dirty clothes and then we can have a house that is clear from either wet washing hanging up to dry, or a clothes horse filled with ironing that is airing.

He says he likes to see wicker at the bottom of the basket. This, however, does not apply to desks. If there is a clear spare inch on his desk it is covered in thick dust. Mine, however, is clean and dusted and virtuous – like its owner.


Marilyn said...

Could you put a marker high up on the outside of the washing hamper and have a rule that no washing can occur until the contents reach the line, or above? (You should decide the exact position of the line, of course!)

Sue Hepworth said...

I think I actually need to learn to be far more tolerant, and also to be pleased I live with someone who takes his share of the boring household tasks. The continuing bad weather is making me bad-tempered - that's the truth of it, Marilyn.