Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day four and I am stumped

I said I was going to do lists on the blog this week. I have done three lists and now I can’t think of a list that I have in my head that could possibly interest you. There aren’t even any post-its on the front door. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Actually, this gives me the perfect opportunity to explain that you don’t have to have a Google account in order to comment on my blog. If you want to comment, click on Comments under this post and then write your comment in the box and click on Anonymous at the bottom. You could still tell us who you are (in the comment box)if you want to.

I am agog!


Jean said...

I always have a list running through my head of what I want to do once I have finished all I must do, trouble is that I keep upping 'wants' to before the 'musts', which results in a pile of of rather dog eared 'musts' that just hang around and haunt me........

Sue Hepworth said...

Sorry for the delay in posting your comment, Jean. I have been out, babysitting. I, too, have many dog-eared musts. The accounts and the cleaning are always there.

ndenim said...

Books to read *now*
Books to read after *now* has been read (these are sometimes impacted by what is reserved at the library and/or in transit -- you can only read so many at once and they have a bad habit of arriving together in groups)
DVDs to watch: movies and/or TV shows (we have Netflix in the states and that takes care of that list quite nicely -- just keep adding and hoping one of these days you'll get the ones you really want instead of the fillers that are there just in case)
Those books and DVDs that you really enjoyed and would now like to purchase for re-reading and re-viewing
Places you'd like to visit someday
Spring is coming -- plants and seeds you'd like to add to your garden
And, that's all for now because I could actually keep going and would bore everybody to tears if I haven't already!