Saturday, April 03, 2010


I just woke up from a long, disturbing nightmare in which I was stranded in a strange city (Nottingham) with a one year old baby and had no babyfood and no nappies and I had left the car in Lincoln and forgotten which car park. The baby got up to all kinds of mischief but remained cheerful, but then it nearly fell off a moving truck and was rescued by Jack Straw – not a man I like or trust (for overseas readers – one of the ex-Prime Minister’s henchmen.)

When I woke up I was exhausted and disturbed, and I didn’t feel better until I’d had two separate hugs a from Dave, a cup of tea, and a cheery email from my Little Red Hen. I am sitting in bed recovering. I may just watch Neighbours on the net as a pick-me-up, or listen to the Birdsong CD I was given for Christmas, as the birds are singing outside the window and I am supposed to be learning to identify them.
Then I will get up and finish my packing.
Goodbye again.

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