Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love aqueducts

April 2010 Llangollen barge holiday 208

The most exciting thing on our canal holiday was sailing over the 100 foot high Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, above the trees, over the river Dee, with just an iron edge between us and death.

April 2010 Llangollen barge holiday 255

April 2010 Llangollen barge holiday 252

April 2010 Llangollen barge holiday 248

April 2010 Llangollen barge holiday 125

It was as exciting as I was expecting, but I was impressed to the nth degree by the fantastic engineering of this aqueduct built by Thomas Telford 200 years ago. Go and see it! Go and walk on it! You won’t be disappointed!




Anonymous said...

Yes, I've been across there too. Scary, isnt it?


Anonymous said...

Hello Sue
This is Julie who you so kindley gave me your book. I briefly looked at it, I was 50 last year and had a huge party where i performed belly dancing, then had my hair cut off the next day cos of the em change, so it looks a good book to read. Now i have a dilemma do i read your book at leisure or, put it to one side and every spare moment i have try to scrawl a book, which i think I would like to put anothers summers daftness into it and really put a lot of effort into it next winter.
i really like reading your blogs so i know i will enjoy your book. I need to find out what a slack line is..

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Julie!
My advice? Write your book first. There will always be other books to read.
A slackline is like a tight rope, but it's slack and it's a polypropylene band that's flat. Mine is two inches wide but a lot are an inch wide. If you google slackline and youtube you will see people doing tricks on them. all I want to do is walk along it from end to end. That's hard enough.