Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thoughts at six o’clock in the morning

1/ Maybe I will be able to learn to recognise bird songs: I’ve only listened to the first track of the Collins Garden Bird Songs and Calls and I could tell it was a blackbird that just woke me up. 

2/ The only bad thing about the barge holiday was the God-awful beds. I was so tired when I got home (and it was a lovely holiday) that I couldn’t play my saxophone for two days.


3/ The keys for the barge had a giant cork ball on the key ring so that if you dropped them in the canal they floated. This did not help when someone (no names no pack drill) dropped them on the tow path in the twilight, and didn’t realise until half an hour’s walk further up the towpath, so that someone on a bike had to cycle up and down in the dusk asking everyone she came across if they had found some keys. Fortunately, someone had.


Anonymous said...

It is really fun to recognize the songs of birds! I use Google a lot for reference when I hear a new bird song. Yesterday I sat outside in the sun, luxuriating in the warmth, with my eyes shut, just listening, and I knew exactly what birds were in my yard. I could hear the Starlings fighting with each other over the suet, Blue Jays in the distance, and the sound of Doves flying from the tree to the ground to eat seed. Then, all of a sudden, a buzzing sound near my ears and it happened to be one of those pesky bumble bees that my husband says are not really bees but rather some sort of wood-boring insect that we should try to get rid of because they can do structural damage. The first bird songs of the day here in northern PA is usually a tie between a Robin and and a Woodpecker...this morning it was the Woodpecker. Do you have a bird feeder, Sue? I hope you enjoyed your barge holiday :) And, how is the slack-lining coming, now that Spring has sprung!?

Marilyn said...

Hi Sue,
I love the photo of you and Dave working in unison with Yorkshire tea in the background. After reading your previous post I realised that I can never go on such a holiday unless it's with someone who loves doing all those things with locks. The photos are lovely though, especially of the scary death defying aqueduct.
I also love listening to the birds but the only one I can identify with any positivity is our friendly neighbourhood owl. It's a tawny owl, I'm proud to say. I was sure we had a raven in our garden but now I think it's a carrion crow.

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Ruth, the barge holiday was great, thanks. Slacklining is off the boil. If I am outside at the moment, there is so much to do in the garden. How do you get a birdsong on Google?
Hi Marilyn, I wondered if someone would spot the Yorkshire Tea! Crows do look unfeasibly large at close quarters, don't they?