Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three cheers for Mel

My sax lessons always cheer me up. I go there feeling weary and sad and come out happy.
Mel is so encouraging. If adult students had a parents’/spouses’ evening, then Dave could come and hear all the nice things she says about my playing.
But it’s not just her encouragement that I appreciate. She is always offering me new pieces that she thinks I will like. And if I don’t like them, that’s OK. If I hand a piece back (as I did with Flat Fives, which made me feel depressed into the ground whenever I played it ) and I say “I can’t be bothered to practise this, Mel, because I hate it,” she says “That’s OK. I don’t like sprouts.”
On Tuesday, she handed me some music saying “I think you’re ready for this. It’s a long term project.” It’s called Dreams of You, and wow! It’s delicious.  Check out this woman playing it on YouTube. It has a long piano intro so wait for the sax.
p.s. Don’t for a second think that I am anywhere near as skilful a player as Emily Henry. As Mel said – it’s a long-term project.

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