Monday, June 28, 2010

In praise of sisters

June 2010 211

Don’t you wish you had a sister who whisked you off to stay in a beach hut for the night?

June 2010 160

The view from the front…

June 2010 158

The view from the back…June 2010 170

The sweet little kitchen…

June 2010 164

And enough room upstairs for four – so two of us had plenty of space…

June 2010 171

Sisters are great. You can have a laugh with them, talk for hours with them, or sit in silence, drinking wine and watching the sun go down…

June 2010 247

They’ll tell you when you’re being daft, give you a hug when you’re sad, and when you want to to buy a voluminous floral smock trimmed with satin ribbon in Jigsaw - which looks lovely on the petite and pretty dark-haired twenty-something assistant – they’ll suggest that if you buy it, you might regret it when you get home. And then when you’ve resisted and left the shop without said smock – which was obscenely expensive anyway, and three times as much as you normally spend on a blouse - they will tell you it made you look like Grayson Perry.

June 2010 277

June 2010 306


Zoe said...

Yes, I'm sold. Can I have a sister too please?

Chris said...

Grayson Perry! I shall never be able to look at you in the same light again.

Sue Hepworth said...


Marilyn said...

I have a brother but no sisters. I always wanted at least one but my parents, strangely, refused my request. What I do have, however, is a lovely daughter who keeps me on an even keel, much as your sister does you. Thank goodness for relatives!