Wednesday, June 16, 2010


"Almost nothing important that ever happens to you happens because you engineer it. Destiny has no beeper; destiny always leans trenchcoated out of an alley with some sort of Pssst that you usually can't even hear because you're in such a rush to or from something important you've tried to engineer." David Foster Wallace

Is this true?

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Jacob Naylor said...

Hello Ms. Hepworth,

I would say that Wallace's perspective is an excuse... an excuse that blames destiny for the way one's life has turned out... and an excuse to use a colorful allegory. While life's circumstances can certainly surprise us, I can think of several important parts of my life that I worked very hard to achieve and maintain... my marriage and kids and our home, to name a few.

PS: I've been reading your blog for about 6 months now, and I love it... please keep posting pictures and perspectives of your corner of the world, as well as your thoughts on literature and writing! I thoroughly enjoy your posts.

Sue Hepworth said...

Dear Jacob Naylor (this is a very Quakerish name - are you a Quaker?)
Thanks so much for commenting, and encouraging me with the blog. I was on the verge of giving up, as no-one seems to comment these days.
Where is your corner of the world?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

I have been trying to comment on your blog for weeks now unsuccessfully, and as I noticed that no one else has been commenting I thought it was a problem with the site until I saw Jacob Naylor's post this morning.

Anyway I think I managed to submit "Hi" a couple of minutes ago.

Hmmmm in response to your "Life" blog I quite like the idea of destiny trying to nudge us in the direction we should follow, it certainly stops me from stressing over every tiny little detail if I can believe that there is a higher power looking out for me. Certainly in my life experience their have been occasions where I've fought and fought for something, usually get it and then it doesn't make me happy...whereas if I follow a feeling or strong thought which may not make sense at the time and give in to it I guess, the result makes me much happier and I think "Thank God I didn't do whatever it was seemed like the logical action.

In response to your question re: my homelessness, I have moved back in with my parents as I couldn't bear the place I was at and am now much happier :-)

Also I wanted to tell you about the quilting exhibition which is taking place at the Victoria and Albert Museum...the exhibition has lots of beautiful quilts and patchwork quilts on display, some dating back from 1800, I think you'd enjoy it, I certainly did!

Also what's happening with the piece of china that got stuck in your foot??


Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Shafia
how great to hear from you!
1/ the china splinter seems to have come out, although I can't see it/haven't seen it. But my foot has stopped hurting.Of course, it might have been absorbed and become like a wound that hurts occasionally.
2/ I am glad you are not really homeless and that you're happier where you are.That's great.
3/ My daughter went to see the quilting exhibition, and loved it but I have not had chance to go. I am hoping a visit to London will be on the cards before the exhibition ends.
4/ there is definitely something up with the Blogger comments section as the number appearing is not right. I shall contact them.

Jacob Naylor said...

Hello (again) Ms. Hepworth,

I spend 6 months reading your blog without commenting, and now I leave 2 comments in as many days. Perhaps I've become addicted!

No, I'm not a Quaker, although I do live in Pennsylvania, which was founded on Quaker ideals. However, I've been told my surname is Welsh and I believe many Quakers originated in Wales. Also, I've been tracing my family tree on and found that the earliest ancestor I can find in the Naylor line was born in Cheshire, England (1666) and moved to the United States. Wow, probably much more information than you were looking for!

Please do continue your blog! I read it often, and I promise to comment more.


Anonymous said...

This is Julie from the pantry
I have left a cooment before

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Julie! I bet you've been busy this week. Give my love to the sea. Have a walk on the beach for me, will you? (and a paddle.)