Thursday, June 03, 2010

My last post on Gaza for a while

The Israelis will not allow plastic toys through the Gaza blockade.

extreme poverty in Chati refugee camp 

injured child in Gaza

I could blog everyday on Gaza and the suffering of the Palestinian people, but I don’t think that’s why most of you visit. So before I return to everyday trivia, here are two things that readers in Britain can do, if they care about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza:

1/ Write or email your MP and ask them to sign the

Early Day Motion 127 – Israel and the Gaza flotilla

“That this House is appalled by the loss of life associated with Israel's attack on the flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza; notes that UK and other nationals have been held by Israel despite the attack having taken place in international waters; endorses the call of the United Nations Secretary General for a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation conforming to international standards; recognises that Israel's blockade, which has destroyed the economy of Gaza and deepened poverty, still inflicts widespread suffering and, by imposing collective punishment on the people of Gaza, is itself contrary to international law; and calls on the international community to require Israel to end its blockade and to redouble international efforts to secure a lasting settlement with a secure and independent state of Palestine alongside a secure and independent Israel.”

Please include your address in the email and then your MP will know you are one of his/her constituents. Your MP’s email address is in the following form:

2/ Attend the national demonstration in London, this Saturday, 5th June, to show your outrage at the brutal and illegal actions of the Israeli Government. The march is organised by the Palestinian Soldiarity Committee, CND, Stop the War, British Muslim Initiative and Viva Palestina. The march will start from Downing Street at 1.30 pm and head to the Israeli Embassy in Kensington where there will be a rally.

(Photographs by Cristina Ruiz Cortina)

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