Thursday, July 29, 2010

Domestic update

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1/ I am waiting for quotes from 3 local printers so I can cost out self-publishing;


2/ I am still considering whether I can change the book in the way the agent wants;

3/ our painter, Ben, has been here, and not here, for so long (on account of unsettled weather impeding his progress) that he has become part of the family. The cat has been sleeping in the back of his van in the daytime, and I no longer make mistakes from nerves when I am playing the saxophone in Ben’s earshot. (I have just realised that these two behaviour patterns are linked! The cat always leaves the premises when I am practising – and now she has somewhere comfy to go.) Lastly, Ben’s assistant can not only walk the length of my slackline - (pest! I still can only walk half of it) - but he has gone and bought one for himself.

4/ every time the phone rings I expect it to be Isaac, telling me the Little Red Hen has gone into labour, which makes me somewhat edgy, and that – added to my general ratbagginess -  probably contributed to my recent unpleasant telephone behaviour. (The Sally Howe part of me is also always half expecting the agent to ring, saying she has changed her mind. Poor Sally.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

I cannot believe any publisher in their right mind would ask you to change your novel...I loved both books and I know many people with similar reading tastes to mine who would feel the same. Secondly, I've just read that Katie Price's new book is set to top the Sunday Times Bestsellers list!!! What on earth is going on?? All I can say is there must be lots and lots of people who have atrocious reading preferences!

Rant over now.

Personally I CAN'T WAIT to read your third novel.

Best wishes


Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Shafia,
Thank you! A vote of confidence! That is very cheering. I have been feeling pretty down. Anyway, I'll keep you all informed of what happens next and when.x