Thursday, September 09, 2010

Blast from the past

I recently met Isaac’s old nursery school teacher in the Co-op in Bakewell. She hasn’t seen him for 33 years but oh, she remembers him. “He was delightful,” she said. “He was my treat.”

Zoë Peter Helen Kirsty Jonty  Isaac

(Isaac is the little one on the far right.)

Mrs T asked me what he was doing now. I gave her a two line summary of his life, and said he lived in San Francisco.

Then came the difficult question: “What does he do?”

It is a long time since I understood what Isaac does in his job. All I could say was that he had an important job with Twitter.

I just looked it up on his resume:

Twitter (San Francisco CA)

Lead, Partner Product Management

Built the Partner Product Management team from scratch. Now the lead of four Partner PMs defining Twitter's product partner strategy, divining and prioritizing product needs in key verticals.

What, oh what, is a key vertical?

Who knows? Never mind – I shall be able to ask him next week when I see him. Yay! I am going to SF next week.

As I sit here in bed writing this, a male voice is shouting from the bathroom - “Have we got any more of this conditioner stuff?”

Not only does he not know what a key vertical is (either),  until six months ago he didn’t even know what conditioner was, and now he is anxious because we seem to have run out. Aren’t men sweet?

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