Thursday, September 02, 2010



Well, I have to tell you I’m a tad disappointed by your lack of response to the last post. There was I,trying to get a discussion going, and what do you say? Zilch. And to think that I was hoping you’d rate different designs for my book cover if I have to go down the self-publishing route. Sod that for a lark.

Dave’s just come in the bedroom raving about the latest images on the Hubble telescope site. He checks them out every so often, and then dances about the room in excitement and awe at the vastness of the universe. I find it hard to make my imagination stretch that far. I look at the images and just think Aren’t they pretty?

But then when he was little he apparently said to his father every night, when his father tucked him in, “What is there at the end of the universe?”

Meanwhile, in another town and another bedroom, I was asking my mother, “Will we be having ice-cream tomorrow?”

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