Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Freshening up

There’s a lot more space on this blog now – that’s what it feels like to me. And I can post big photographs, so you can enjoy them more. I like the new dispensation.

But Dave doesn’t like it. He thought it looked classy before. And professional. He liked the photo of me as the header. He thought that the space down the left hand side of the screen gave people room to breathe, with the subtext that there’s room for the reader on this blog as well as the writer. He definitely liked the old blog better, though he did think I had too many pictures on it.

But I like pictures. My sight is my most valued sense. I appreciate the world through my eyes. I feast on the world with my eyes. I sit on the couch in my study with the garden behind me, and the garden in front of me, and my desk at the side, and I think – I LOVE my pretty room!

Oct 10 041

Oct 10 042

Oct 10 045

It’s pretty even with Dave’s scooter living in here.

Isaac helped me to change the blog. Thanks, Isaac. I need to write posts that he finds interesting, not merely from gratitude, but because every time he tweets about a post of mine, my readership doubles. Gosh! What to write?

I did say to him that I had asked my regular readers why they come to my blog, What do they want to read? and that apart from Jacob Naylor (his comment is on my last but one post “It’s hard to know”) they had not responded. Isaac said he thought my question had sounded rhetorical. So I will ask again – why did you come here? And if you  knew the blog before last week, what do you think of the changes? Do you think the blog is better or worse? Or maybe format and layout are not important to you…Don’t hold back: I am a writer and I have developed a thick skin. (Though it may not be thick enough to cope with being ignored.)


lyn said...

Hello Sue, I've ben lurking here for a while. I came to your blog through Christine Poulson's blog. I love the new look. Your room is gorgeous, I love the colour of the walls & your couch under the window. I read your blog because I'm an addicted reader & I'm interested in writers & how they write. I've enjoyed your posts about your astruggles with agents & publishers - although enjoyed probably isn't the right word as I'm sure it's not enjoyable for you! I'd love to see more photos of your part of England.

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Lyn, thanks for coming out of the shadows and posting a comment! I'm glad you like the new format. I shall be putting on more photographs of my part of England - more photographs is definitely the direction I want to go in. As for the couch - it is a new, inexpensive serendipitous find. It is EXACTLY what I wanted, even down to the colour - a muted sea green.

Anonymous said...

Sue, I love your new blog. I love seeing you, the house pictures, the grandchildren pictures, the England countryside pictures, and even the sax stand. I also loved the old blog and was happy/and am happy to keep checking in on your "public" life. I love your writing style and find your point of view both challenging and heartwarming. The new blog feels airier, larger, bolder -- but I don't know why. I think it is best to shake things up every once in a while and see what happens. Love, Karen

Sue Hepworth said...

Karen, Getting your comment really cheered up a blue, dark, getting up time. I was sitting here in my pyjamas with my first mug of Yorkshire tea, thinking how much I hate dark mornings, especially when there are no friendly emails to brighten them up, and reading your comment has given me a boost to start my day.x