Monday, October 04, 2010

Things I have learned in the last two weeks

1/ Generally speaking (and I am not including Wendy here)  the Americans seem to be prudish about breastfeeding;

2/ Unlike the boring Brits, they have delightfully playful names for some of their baby products. e.g. Butt Paste and Tushy wipes.

butt paste

3/ There is no point searching for John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row, because it is now a row of pristinely painted hotels and shops and restaurants -

Sept 10 068

Sept 10 067

4/ Those huge bulbous wineglasses are especially designed for savouring the scents of red wine before you drink it, in that you can hold them horizontal and they will not spill wine on you -

Sept 10 193

This was Isaac’s wine I was sniffing above. Wendy and I were trying out the bubblies ( the “Sparkling Flight”), when we went to the Iron Horse Winery in Sonoma County, and it was as enjoyable as it sounds.

Sept 10 192


Sept 10 194

5/ The latest thing I have learned is that when you are sitting in bed at home, reading and drinking tea, and a voice comes up the stairs from someone who is wheeling his bike out of the porch for a ride, and the voice says, “The cat seems to have had diarrhoea in the porch,” this really means “Please will you come down and clear up this mess?”

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